Glass fencing – secure your pool with a glass wall

Glass pool enclosure… the most beautiful
pool fencing you will never see.

Glass fencing around your pool has many advantages. First of all, a glass wall is more difficult for children to climb than a fence with bars. Glass is smooth and does not provide enough grip for eager little fingers. Secondly – this sounds a bit simple but it is important – even though glass works as a windbreaker, you can still see through it. This makes glass much safer than an opaque screen, because with a transparent barrier it is easier to guard the pool and children playing around it. And last but not least, a glass fence around a swimming pool is simply more beautiful because you can barely see it. Take a look at the pictures of glass fences around swimming pools on this page and you will understand: glass is the most beautiful protection, precisely because you hardly see it.

We at Piscines de Bourgogne are big fans of glass pool fences. But only if they are top quality glass fences. We therefore work with an English company, 100% specialized in ‘frameless glass fencing’. A company that designs, produces and installs its own frameless glass pool fencing throughout Europe. So also in France. 

Supplier for guaranteed quality in glass pool fencing

Not only the glass walls but in particular the glass gate must be of high technical quality, so that you can easily use it and keep on using it. A fence that does not close properly over time, or that opens with difficulty, is not a good security solution. Because people are always looking for the easy way out, and before you know it someone has put a bag or chair in a position to keep it constantly open. That might be easy. But it sure isn’t safe! We’re talking about the risk of children drowning in a swimming pool. We don’t want to take that kind of risk. That’s why our supplier offers a lifetime guarantee on the proper functioning of the glass entrance gates. They can even be locked with a key! If there is a problem with the latch, the lock or the hinges, it will be fixed. Even after ten years of use!

Of course glass pool fencing is not the cheapest solution. But it is certainly the most beautiful, the safest and the most durable. The glass walls themselves are indestructible. The patented stainless steel clamps are made from corrosion resistant marine quality (316) stainless steel  and are therefore indestructible. They are designed to hold the glass walls perfectly level, a few centimetres above the ground, so that you can easily clean the area around the pool with a water hose. This is better than a fence resting on the ground, because it acts as a ‘trap’ for leaves and debris that stay under or in between.

The advantages of our glass pool fences

– transparent so you can enjoy pool and surroundings
– offer good views of the pool and terrace
– comply with the AFNOR NF P90-306 safety standard
– form an unstoppable barrier for small children
– perfect customization for any pool
– also suitable as a windbreak or fall protection around a terrace or vista deck
– Lifelong guarantee on the swinging gates (with key!)

Pool security fences with glass walls

Our glass screens are of course very beautiful, but the most important function is and remains to guarantee the safety of the users and especially their children. Of all drowning accidents involving swimming pools, 66% involve a child between 1 and 3 years old. Toddlers who, in a moment of negligence on the part of their parents, become attracted to the water or a floating toy and fall into the pool. The best solution is to make it impossible for them to get in, by sealing the pool hermetically with a glass wall. If they can’t reach the water, they can’t fall in. 

And still… please keep an eye out

With our glass pool security walls, the risk that unsupervised children can reach the swimming pool is reduced to almost 0. But accidents also happen in front of the parents. The child is allowed inside the fence under supervision and the parent gets distracted by the phone or a life discussion, or falls asleep in the sun… So please, always stay sharp and alert with children around the pool.

Also see our article about pool security rules in France.

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Glass wall for pool protection pool fencing
Pool entrance with glass wall and glass gate
Nearly invisible pool wall security glass
Garden wall view glass rampart
Outdoor pool with glass fencing
Modern glass fence around big pool in france
Hidden wall of pool glass barrier