Glass fencing – secure your pool with a glass wall

Glass pool enclosure… the most beautiful
pool fencing you will never see.

Glass fencing around your pool has many advantages. First of all, a glass wall is more difficult for children to climb than a fence with bars. Glass is smooth and does not provide enough grip for eager little fingers. Secondly – this sounds a bit simple but it is important – even though glass works as a windbreaker, you can still see through it. This makes glass much safer than an opaque screen, because with a transparent barrier it is easier to guard the pool and children playing around it. And last but not least, a glass fence around a swimming pool is simply more beautiful because you can barely see it. Take a look at the pictures of glass fences around swimming pools on this page and you will understand: glass is the most beautiful protection, precisely because you hardly see it.

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What do you need for your swimming pool? Check list for pool construction.

Got everything? check list for pool construction.

To give you a general idea of what you need for the installation of a new swimming pool in France, we’ve made a bit of a list of all the main necessities and accessories you’ll need or want to order. It’s quite an undertaking, but of course you can rely on our very professional pool builders if you want to get serious about having a pool built, at least in Southern Burgundy.


Excavation of the pool area including stripping of topsoil, digging the pool and placing the removed soil in a pile for reuse or on a truck for disposal. The excavation is intended for loose, rock-free soil. Any additional rock breaking and evacuation is subject to a supplement.

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Buying a house with or without an existing swimming pool

Who can resist real estate agencies’ pictures when they feature beautiful swimming pools in great gardens? Such nice pools are always put forward on ads because few things are closer to living the dream than the ability to dive and swim in one’s own private pool. And who could blame you for even forgetting you’re buying a house with your new pool, eh? Because if the swimming pool is a real beauty, then so must be the house, of course… Continue reading “Buying a house with or without an existing swimming pool”

What does a swimming pool cost in France?

We sometimes get emails with the question: “What does a swimming pool cost in France?” Quite honestly, that question doesn’t really make sense. It all depends on what kind of swimming pool you want to buy. In principle, anybody who has a house or holiday home in France can afford a swimming pool. It’s just a matter of adjusting the size and quality of the pool to your budget. Continue reading “What does a swimming pool cost in France?”