The gardener as a pool builder

Paysagiste piscine clé en mains
Do you have a house in Burgundy and want to have a swimming pool installed? You might want to consider the optimal integration of the swimming pool with your garden. First of all, it is impossible to dig a swimming pool without damage to the garden around it. That damage must be repaired by a professional. Secondly, of course a terrace must be laid out, and paths to and from the pool through the garden. So if you are planning the construction of a swimming pool, while you are at it, why not take a good look at your complete garden design? That is the work of a gardener or ‘paysagiste’ (landscaper).

Collaborate with a real gardener

You buy your car from a specialist dealer who can also do the repairs and maintenance. Likewise, it’s a good idea to have a swimming pool installed by a real gardener, who can also assure the integration of the swimming pool with your garden, in a design that befits your home. Someone who can advise you about picking the right plants around your basin, the most suitable and maintenance-friendly material for your terrace, someone who can trim or replant your trees to prevent foliage ending up in the pool … and more smart adjustments that make sure you can really relax on your terrace and have only pleasure from your new swimming pool.

A swimming pool that fits seamlessly into your garden

Your garden is like a landscape around your house. It is important that you have a nice view of your garden from your house. But don’t forget about the view from the garden towards your house! A swimming pool can be a pretty impressive and dominant object, often with a separate technical building or pool house. This all affects the appearance of your garden and your home. Therefore, ask a real gardener or landscaper to take are of your swimming pool project. Someone who can design the swimming pool and garden as a whole and take care of the complete swimming pool installation process.

A quote for a swimming pool by a landscaper

Do you have a swimming pool project in southern Burgundy and would you like to get an experienced and certified gardener annex swimming pool installer involved? Please contact us! We work with a professional French landscaping company with the label ‘Jardins d’Excellence’ and more than 30 years of experience. He would be more than happy to give you a reasonable price offer for your project, while providing intelligent advice on optimal integration of your new swimming pool with your home and in your garden. Are you unsure about cooperation with a French gardener? We can assist you with translation services before and during construction.